What changes or improvements make the biggest difference in video editing?

Matthew T asked:

I am building a new computer soon and I will be doing video and graphics editing on it using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. I plan to get a Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4Ghz, 2Gb of DDR2 800Mhz Memory, 2 400Gb Sata2

Hard drives in Raid 0, and an 8800GTS 320Mb Graphics card. Can I make any improvements which dont cost too much extra that will make a worthwile difference in video editing performance? And will there be a difference if I get a more basic video card like an 8600GT?

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Agency Partners on Video and Online Marketing Campaign

Orange County, CA, December 2009 – OC Creative Media,Inc., Orange County’s Leading Marketing Agency, is pleased to announce its partnership with Pacific Packaging Machinery Inc. and www.pacificpak.com in the online advertising and marketing for Pacific Packaging’s various packaging services.

OC Creative Media, Inc. developed a new organization structure for PacificPak.com featuring their product application rather than their machines.  Pacific Packaging manufactures very high end packaging machines including rotary fillers, inline fillers, and monoblock fillers.  With this new website structure consumers are able to navigate the site without prior knowledge in the industry.

“We are really excited about re-building Pacific Packaging’s online presence, their new website will be much easier to navigate and understand.  We are also going to really try to feature video as much as possible so people can see these beautiful machines at work!”  Says Torrey Tayenaka, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at OC Creative Media, Inc.  “This is not just a re-design of their website its a fresh new look at their web branding and image.”

OC Creative Media, Inc. wanted this online marketing campaign to do more than just a face lift to Pacific Packaging’s web presence, but make the site an interactive platform for content, video, and social media.  The challenge was making a relatively plain industry (machinery) exciting and visually pleasing.  The result, a brand new re-branded website, online structure, and videos for every type of machine offered by Pacific Packaging.

OC Creative Media, Inc. created a website that allowed users with no prior knowledge of packaging machinery to navigate the website with ease and efficiency.  Users are able to visit the site with the product they are wanting to purchase a machine for, and can easily find what machines are able to do the job, as well as the differences between the various machines.   Each step of the way beautiful pictures and HD video can be viewed to further understand what Pacific Packaging has to offer.  Lastly users can view specs, brochures, and even submit a request for a quote.


Since 1962 Pacific Packaging Machinery has specialized in the design and manufacture of precision-engineered filling machines. Specified by many major food, beverage, personal care, home care, chemical, and automotive manufacturers in over 20 countries worldwide, Pacific’s unmatched accuracy, flexibility, and durability has earned it a reputation as an industry leader.
Their rotary timed-pressure and mass & mag flow meter filling machines accommodate a wide range of capacity and viscosity.

With bench top and inline filling systems, they can also offer solutions for lower speed production requirements.

With every machine built to individual customer specifications, a choice of filling operations is available to meet the customers specific requirements.

Pacific filling machines address a wide variety of packaged products for liquid applications:

  • Thin liquid fillers to extremely dense formula fillers
  • Fillers for liquids with mild to high foaming characteristics
  • Fillers for flammable liquid fillers
  • Fillers for multiple products with strips or swirls
  • Fillers for formulas that must be heated or remain separated
  • Fillers with capacity from 5 to 750 bottles per minute
  • Fillers for rigid container including vials, jars, cans, cartridges, & drums
  • Fillers for container sizes ranging from 2 grams to 55 gallons

Solving complicated and demanding product filling requirements for the packaging industry is the mission of their company. With over 700 unique packaging fillers currently in operation throughout the world, Pacific Packaging Machinery continues to expand their mission.


OC Creative Media, Inc. (www.OCCreativeMedia.com) is a full service Marketing, Advertising, and Video Production agency focused on the creation of original content that couples cutting-edge video technology with innovative ideas to Energize Your Brand.  Through video-featured websites driven by interactive content that spur boundless conversation, we are committed to evolving in order to captivate audiences’ ever-changing digital needs.  OC Creative Media’s model continuously drives brand awareness and promotion through engaging, original content and promoting it among social networks in the global community.

Founded in 2004, OC Creative Media features creative personnel from the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts as well as FilmEd Academy of the Arts.

For more information about OC Creative Media, Inc. please visit us on Facebook or Youtube.

OC Creative Media, Inc.

How do you capture the computer screen on video editing programs?

C o n f u c i a n asked:

You know in the tutorials where everything that person is doing on the computer screen is captured and in the video? And the cursor is highlighted in yellow and when they click on something it zooms in.

What program is that?!?!?!

Right now I have Movie Maker and also AVS4YOU
Did a little googling and I think it is CAMTASIA. I am downloading it now and will find out shortly…

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Reece M asked:

My friend is trying to edit these types of files from a 3G phone, but can’t find a video editing program to do it with. Can anybody help? I told him I would help him.
And could somebody recommend a converter?


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This Kid asked:

I use CamStudio and Windows Movie Maker, and they’re terrible for me. I need some new programs that are free.

What do you suggest?

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Do you know any good video editing programs for PC?

lmpitek asked:

So, I am intrested in making videos, but as of now I can not afford to get a Mac, but I can afford a decent editing program for PC’s.

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Chuck Norris asked:

I was looking for a program to create home videos with. Do you have any suggestions? I need one which will allow titles, video files, music files and preferably transitions added. BTW I’ve already tried Windows Movie Maker.

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What is the best video editing programs for a PC?

Isabella asked:

I need something that is easy to use and not too much money. I create videos for youtube and I need the program to have some fun options. I also need a programs that I can adjust my audio because the sound on my videos is way too low.

Video Editing Programs
brian c asked:

i like to make music videos a lot and i use Windows movie maker for my video making needs but i also use Adobe Premiere Pro at school and i love that program better than Movie Maker but since you have to pay for Adobe i was wondering if there are video editing programs that you can download for free

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Free Easy to Use Video Editing Programs?

SlayZcat asked:

Hey wassup guys, Z here, and wondering if you guys know any free easy to use video editing softwares besides Windows Movie Maker. And i dont want like a trial version or whatever. So please tell me.

Oh and if you know any free title animation programs, then also tell me too. Thanks!

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